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The GONZALEZ VALLES FOUNDATION, as a non profit entity (article 2 of the 49/2.002 law), grants a right to tax exemption in the total amount of any donation, grant, or contribution in its name by persons or societies (Article 17 of the 49/2.002 law).

Such persons or societies, whether resident or not, will have the right to the above mentioned income tax deduction in their respective personal taxes on the rent of Physical Persons (Income Tax on the Rent of Physical Persons, Income Tax on Societies, or Income Tax on the Rent of Non Residents), for which this Foundation will justify such amounts through a certificate it will issue with the following explicit data: Identification of the donor, explicit mention that the GONZALEZ VALLES FOUNDATION is the beneficiary of the patronage, date and amount of the donation and use to which the donation will be destined.

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