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Article 1.- Denomination and principles.

Under the denomination ‘González Vallés Foundation’ a private organisation is set up as a non-profit foundation dedicated to the lasting prosecution of the aims of general interest that are specified hereafter.

The founder’s work, throughout his life and through his books, articles, interviews, public talks, and Internet has been to help readers and listeners to free themselves of prejudices, conditionings, manipulation, fear, guilt complex in order to achieve a greater inner freedom, contact with the present moment, a continuum of awareness, acceptance of reality, self-esteem, and joy in life. In a word, to cheer people up and to inspire courage and hope.

Cultural and racial isolation, institutional rigidity, bureaucracy, corruption, intolerance, and any kind of intransigence, ignorance and selfishness cause division among people and generate suffering. The gap between rich and poor is intolerable and goes on increasing, violence is organised and institutionalised, and moral values are ignored.

There is no question of setting the world right, but of creating in ourselves and all around us spaces of peace, mutual understanding, freedom, and friendship. The founder’s long stay in India and his closeness in place and in mind to men and women in other cultures, languages and religions has enriched his life and vision with true ecumenical values it has been always his effort to transmit.

Hence this Foundation’s interest in keeping up and widening the reach of the work of its founder. It does not pretend to prolong his memory or perpetuate his name, but only to prolong the wholesome influence of his writings so long as this will seem fitting.

Article 7.- Aims.

According to the founder’s will the Foundation has as its basic aim the spreading of the knowledge of the Orient, particularly India, through the books and website of Carlos González Vallés and of public talks and lectures on the themes treated in them, as well as fostering the inner freedom of the personal conscience, self-esteem, human relations, mutual understanding between peoples, ecology, applied psycholinguistics, life in the present moment, fostering human values in young people.

Article 8.- Development of the aims.

In the prosecution of its aims the Foundation can undertake the following activities:

  1. Keeping the books of Carlos González Vallés available, promoting them and facilitating its reaching bookshops and readers in Spain and Latin America.
  2. Reediting the books of the founder when they run out of print.
  3. Publishing the COMPLETE WORKS of Carlos González Vallés.
  4. Keeping up the website he started, renewing it every fifteen days with passages of his previous Webs and of his books.
  5. Organising conferences and workshops on the abovementioned themes.
  6. Establishing a forum in Internet for the same purpose.
  7. Taking care of the library of Carlos González Vallés.
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